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Work with our knowledgeable realtors.  We are here to help guide you through the entire home buying process.
We limit our clientele and rely on your referrals and we need you to be 110% satisfied.
We live locally and use our network and the latest technology to monitor the market.
No corporate agenda with us. We don't answer to a boardroom, we answer to you!

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We Are Local Realtors

We live and work in Andover and know the surrounding areas very well. Specializing in a small area allows us to be more knowledgeable and effective to our clients.

Your business matters to us. We purposely limit the number of clients we work with at a given time so you receive one on one attention. We focus on optimizing your investment whereas the larger offices are more interested in simply selling your home quickly to move onto the next customer. We rely on referrals and we need you to be 110% satisfied.
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How It Works, Easy Steps

We are ready to help guide you through the entire home buying process. Here are the main steps when purchasing a home in Massachusetts.
Select Your Real Estate Agent
Choosing your real estate agent is an important decision. You are selecting someone to represent you in a major investment. Make sure you find someone licensed, trustworthy, and knowledgeable about your town so they can provide you the best advice possible. We are available for a free consultation to discuss your home buying needs and expectations.
Find Your Home
Our team will research properties for you through the MLS database and leveraging our network. We will visit prospective properties together until we find your dream home. This is also the time to work with your bank and become pre-approved for a mortgage.
Submitting an Offer
Our team will help draft an Offer Letter and negotiate the best deal for you. Then you have the ability to schedule a home inspection so a specialist can provide feedback on the condition of the property. Next we will help draft a Purchase and Sale Agreement with your attorney and perform any final negotiations.
We will ensure the buying process continues to move forward on schedule with the selling agency. Your bank will provide a mortgage commitment, a final walk-through is completed, then we will support the closing and get you your new keys!

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